The Ys (pronounced why-s) are a species of alien found in the Fringe. Composed entirely of energy, the Ys are beings that can manipulate and traverse avenues and transportation lanes used for power and communications. They are also drawn to these sources, needing it to sustain themselves. From these energies they can further manipulate their forms to fit absorbed "auras," extracting genetic information. In preference to the hundreds if not thousands of species touched by the Ys, they are preference in appearing Human.

History Edit

The Ys were discovered during a scavenging operation in the vast Fenior Nebula by Krell prospectors. The Fenior Nebula had been known to render ships adrift in a consuming electrical storm making the nebula a prime spot for scavenging derelict craft parts. It wasn't until much later as the Krell fleet entered deeper into the nebula that the Ys were discovered. However, rather than absorbing all the energy from the ships and people, the Ys invaded one of the Krell vessels and thus learned of their place in the Fringe and the many races surrounding.

It is unclear why the Ys prefer the Human form, or even how the Ys encountered mankind, but it's been speculated that the Fenior Nebula had drifted from its origins and had at one time been close to the Sol system. It's also speculated that is was the event that took place at Sol with the Borealis launch that caused the Ys home spawning pool to move.

Physical Attributes Edit

The Ys are formless, existing in space as living blue energy. However, they can take the shape and form themselves to any noteable degrees of shapes and sizes including space vessels and people. It is unsure whether or not the Ys are a single identity or if it's a collection of individual Ys. It's hard to determine as generally the Ys do not make effort to communicate, only to survive and exist.

Noteable Ys Edit