Unity One was a doctrine adopted into the, then, United Earth Commonwealth (UEC) on March 2nd 2383. The document ended several years of persecution between the, then phrased, "pure," human party and the "augmented," human party. It also released the pseudo embargo on Bio-Tec Cooperative business dealings with fields of science and medicine. It's wording adopted the notion that the degree of defining humanity and life was too complex to reach an absolute conclusion, that there were too many definitions and too vague of constructs to define what is life. It goes on to say that to deny humanity the right to augment themselves would be denying them betterment, to bring them back to a dark time when disease and genetic defects greatly diminished or even denied quality of life. It concludes that this is the next step in mankind's evolution, to move beyond the bounds of hinderance formally of their carbon based lives.

With Unity One's adoption into the United Earth Commonwealth, the ban and skepticism over cybernetics, nanotechnology, and genetic therapy were lifted. This contributed to be one of the biggest advancements in human history.