The Lockheed-Martin LM-244 "Thunderhawk," is an Interceptor Class Human fighter revered for its versatility. It is rather aged in this day and age of exploration and has generally been phased out by UIC and other human forces for more modern fighters.

History Edit

The actual inception of the Thunderhawk is largely unknown, lost with the Sol system Humanity once called home. What records remain indicate that the Thunderhawk was developed by Lockheed Martin for use by Human military operators to fill the role of the aging "Marigold" interceptor.

The Thunderhawk improved on its predecessor with a full-sized warpdrive over a short-ranged micro-drive, heavier armor, quicker speed, a better turning radius in all directions, and more room for ordnance and weaponry.

The Thunderhawk found its way into the UIC arsenal, acting as a long-distance scout, and escort fighter.

Alas, the Thunderhawk began to show its age as newer fighters began to outclass it. The fighter was slowly phased out of the UIC arsenal.

Today, the Thunderhawk lives on in the possession of pirates, corsairs, and mercenaries throughout the galaxy. Some have even modified their fighters to outclass newer models, resulting in a resurgence of usage for the Thunderhawk.

Specs Edit

General Specs Edit

  • Crew: 1
  • Wing Hardpoints: 6 (two missiles, four cannons)
  • Body Hardpoints: 3 (two cannons, one rocket pod)
  • Special Features: "Cache", a small compartment behind the cockpit used by pilots as a "sleeper cab" to rest during long assignments, or store personal belongings.

Technical Specs Edit

  • Propulsion: 1x Rolls Royce MK II Fusion-Pulse Motor, 2x Rolls Royce MK IIB Fusion-Pulse Wing Mounted Motor, 1x Markinson Electromotive TB-1 Fusion Overdrive Charger
  • FTL Propulsion: 1x Arawan Systems T-455 Shock Point Warp Drive
  • Power Plant: 1x General Electric Cyclical Fusion Plant
  • Computer/Logic Circuit: IBM CR-1A-5 Processing Unit
  • Sensors: ElecNet CNR-10 Multi-Spectrum scanning suite

Noteable Thunderhawk Class Interceptors Edit