The Neverend is a Dragontooth Class Human cruiser operating in the Fringe. It is owned and commanded by Anson Lee Devil.

Technical Specs Edit

Deck Listing Edit

  • Deck 1: Bridge, Gunner's Module, Ordinance Deployment Deck, Auxiliary Fuel Storage/Delivery
  • Deck 2: Captain's Quarters, Crew Compartment/Living Area, Engineering
  • Deck 3: Auxiliary Vessel Hold, Cargo Armature Level
  • Deck 4: Medical Bay, Main Cargo Hold

Armaments Edit

  • Mk IV Proton Cannon
  • Mk III Flak Cannon
  • Mk IV Ion Turret (2x)
  • Mk III Pulse Turret (1x)
  • Mk III Mining Laser (1x)

Defenses Edit

  • Mk III Ceramic Hull Plating
  • Mk IV Deflector
  • Mk III Field Impact Shields

Components Edit

  • Mk IV Plasma Drive 450 MW
  • Mk II Sublight Boosters
  • Mk I Jump Drive
  • Mk II Tractor Beam
  • Mk IV Maxwell Warp Drive

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