The Conscious

The Conscious are a synthetic lifeform popularized in the uncharted area of the Expanse commonly referred to as the Fringe. These synthetic lifeforms are commonly cybernetic in appearance; though, there are some that exist within the composition of computer aided systems or even smaller memory modules. Often seen as humanoid robots in appearance, the Conscious are adept at manipulating both technology and themselves.

History Edit

Not much is known of the Conscious, or, as they would like to accept themselves as, the Aware. Many believe, like much technology used, that they are a product of Human technology and advancement, an attempt at creating artificial life that went beyond their supported need to augment themselves. In truth, robotics and artificial intelligence complexes had been utilized once before, but what makes the Conscious different is how very much aware they are and how separate they are from any known systems of computer or intelligence networks.

It is however hypothesised by some of the older Aware, that they come from an even greater intelligence that had once encompassed millions if not more of their kind. A network known only as the Collective Consciousness, or the C-Consciousness even before the elevation of space exploration. It is not known how this Collective was destroyed, or scattered, or how the Conscious became self aware. But in the anthology of history and a practiced religion, many of the Aware still believe in the greater Collective; that they are still as they all seem to believe they are, connected by something primal and cosmic that goes beyond rational thinking.

Noteable Conscious Edit