Selena is a waystation jump gate less than a day's travel at high warp from Rim, and orbits the 2nd planet of the Selena system. It is under constant patrol by United Intergalactic Commonwealth forces both contracted and officialized. It is a station that many, through proper channels and paperwork, come to purchase passage to the Elo system or seeking transit from Selena to other planets or stations of the chartered Expanse. There is a constant influx of ships coming and going through the Selena jump gate, there is always a line for arrivals and departures. Ship registries are constantly screened by patrols so that criminals or known smugglers are arrested on sight.

As one of the last tachyon jump gates constructed before the fall of the Sol system, Selena holds technology that allows it to function as HUB, a point of both arrival and transfer to multiple programed jump gates. It is also very large and capable of sending more than one ship (consideration for destination) through the portal the gate creates. Many of the outcropped planets of the system (also named Selena) are occupied by Human and Bamut settlements.