The Sectoids are a progenitor species of alien that once occupied much of the Expanse. Said to be extremely intelligent, highly evolved, and, in certain regards, creators or Gods, the Sectoids are the oldest species existing in the universe. They are responsible for the creation of the Korians and influencing the direction of early Human history. Rarely seen in the Expanse, it is believed that they still live out in the uncharted.

History Edit

"Little Green Men," as coined as early in Human history as the 1940s. Their presence marking a significant page in mankind's development from the initial spark of fire, to velcro, and even air and space travel. It is unclear the origins of the Sectoids, nor is there any sort of degree towards the explanation why they held such attention on the human race. With some regard, it was suspected that Sectoids held them in such light because of their proximity to Mars, 4th planet in the Sol system; Earth being the 3rd. However, it has been learned that the Sectoids home world was not Mars when Humans expanded their hold in Sol near 2020. Relics of the Sectoid Empire remained behind, but not much could be gleamed from the ruins.

What is known of the Sectoids is sparse as they have been rarely sighted in the Expanse and even the further Fringe areas. Flying saucers are still as jarring and as elusive and a counterbalance towards memory as it's suspected that with the Sectoids' advancements in mind manipulation technologies, if you were to encounter a Sectoid or a flying saucer it's suspected that they would hold the capacity to make you forget such an event.

Physical Attributes Edit

Speculated to be 1.5 meters in height, thin boned and at sometimes a skin made of a dark gray or green hue, the Sectoids are believed to be frail physically. However, they make up for that with their brain capacity, some harboring telekinetic powers of the mind. There eyes are dark, onyx, a layer of tissue covering the actual orbs which are white and veined with blood vessels.

Noteable Sectoids Edit