Rust town

Rust Town is an installation found in the Elo system in the uncharted Fringe. Mostly a mining town due to the ore deposits found in and around Elo, Rust Town was constructed in the remains of a hard mined asteroid, the original inhabitants finding it easier to establish a waystation around the area they were working in. As time drew on, and the area around what would be Rust Town expanded, so too did the installation. Eventually Rust Town was petitioned to be an official licensed station for the UIC; however, due to it's location in the Fringe, the petition was nulled due to territorial disputes. This, some believed, seeded the beginning workings of the Rust Town Mercenaries.

Technical Specs Edit

Deck Listing Edit

  • Deck 1: Docking Bay, Ship Repairs, Merchant Bizarre
  • Deck 2: Residential (Slums)
  • Deck 3: Residential (Slums)
  • Deck 4: Residential (Middle Class)
  • Deck 5: Residential (Wealthy)
  • Deck 6: Wayfair Docking Station. Mining Exports/Imports, Honey Dew
  • Deck 7: Wayfair Docking Station. Ship Outfitters
  • Deck 8: Palington Residential Suites

Armaments Edit

  • Mk II Guardian Laser Platforms (x12)
  • Mk IV Ion Turret Platforms (x12)
  • Mk III Flak Deployment Platforms (x4)

Defenses Edit

  • Xatrix Polymer Plating Hull (Exposed areas)
  • Mk IV Shield Generators (x4 cloaked)
  • Mk III Laser Defense
  • Mk III High Energy Impact Shielding
  • Rust Town Mercenaries (defensive fleet)

Services Edit

Ship Repairs/Outfitters Edit

Rust Town is home to many engineering outfitters and repairers; though, none have really any sanctioned work permits nor is there a form of legal precedence. Most of the time you get what you pay for.

Merchants Edit

Though not as localized, many of the kiosks sell a wide array of materials and supplies from food, medicine, to weapons and ordinances.

Wayfair Edit

Wayfair is the original trading established during the construction of Rust Town. Primarily a mining operation, it services the region for ore trade and refinement.

Rust Town Mercenaries Edit

A force of mercenaries that police, extort, exploit, and generally enforce Rust Town and it's operations in the Elo system. It is not entirely clear if these mercs are being backed by Rust Town, employed there, or are simply taking up the moniker.

Honey Dew Edit

A bordello located in-between deck 5 and six of Rust Town, known by the locals as Sector 6. Generally catering to the wealthy such as the Wayfair businessmen and women, Honey Dew's clientele are some of the more wealthy in Rust Town, its employees running the gamut of species and sexes.