Rim (official # B97) is a space station orbiting the planet Baldwin 3. Designated Rim by the locals and many space travelers as it's the closest station to the uncharted Fringe that is still technically in controlled space of the United Intergalactic Commonwealth. This supports the reason why ships operating in the Fringe don't venture close to Rim, and even more rarely ever dock there for fear of passing UIC patrols. The nearest Tachyon Gate is Selena.

Technical Specs Edit

Deck Listing Edit

  • Deck 1: Command and Operations
  • Deck 2: Hanger and Service Bays
  • Deck 3: Recreation, Edge Bar
  • Deck 5: Engineering
  • Deck 6: Weapons Ring

Armaments Edit

  • Mk IV Flak Deployment Platform (x2)
  • Mk V Ion Turret Platform (x8)
  • Mk II Guardian Laser Platform (x2)

Defenses Edit

  • Mk V Heavy Ablative Plate Hull
  • Mk VI Defensive Deflector Grid
  • Mk II Laser Defense
  • Mk IV High Energy Impact Shielding

Services Edit

Di'Gult Repair and Replacement Edit

The largest area on Rim, the Hanger and Service Bays are ran by Di'Gult, a Krell that, not only receives shipments of repair parts for UIC starships operating this close to the Fringe, but also a few choice parts scavenged here and there.

Edge Bar Edit

Drink Creelian Ales, the finest brews this side of the Selena. Come for the drinks and stay for the show. Zek's got it all at the Edge.