A Korian is a humanoid race popularized by being the strongest warriors of the known galaxy. Initially bred for combat by the Sectoids as a means of offsetting their species weakness when it came to brute strength, the Korian purpose fell out after the Emancipation War of 2473. They are known to be large brutes and serve generally as mercs within operations out in the Fringe. Some, those still within the mindset of the soldier, remain as policing agents for the United Intergalactic Commonwealth.

History Edit

The Korian are an engineered race, a product of genetic manipulation from Human, Sectoid, and a composition of "wild beasts," DNA. This was in the hopes of counterbalancing the Sectoids inherent flaw of being rather frail physically. It was in the hopes that the Sectoid intelligence would transfer to this new species creating a race that would not have any hinderances. However composition of the Korian species did not fit those ambitions. Instead the Sectoid Empire gained a slave race of warriors of which to flex their might with through genetic and brainwashing the Korians.

It wasn't until 2473, 67 years since the first batch of Korians were birthed, that one Korian, designated E9337 began designing an uprising, a small militant group, a resistance that liberated the enslaved Korians from their bondage and eventually led to the uprise and war in 2473. Outnumbering their creators, the Korian group overthrew them, installing themselves where the Sectoid Empire had once been. For a while, that is where they stayed, but not bred to the rigors of government or holding an Empire together. Eventually their falsely supported Empire crumbled, leadership abandoning. Not in any sort of mindset to evolve from their conditioning, the Korian Empire scattered into the Expanse and even into the further reaches of the Fringe.

Physical Appearances Edit

Korians are large humanoid and bipedal ranging 2 to 3 meters in height. Large musculature appendages with a tough outer "shell," for skin and a hardy bone structure to support their mass and also protect their vital organs. Some Korians have more than two arms and two hands, some have four while others have six. Predominately engineered as a male race, the females are few and far between and are generally larger than the males. While this makes them important in Korian tribes, some females serving as leaders, Korians are sterile, a genetic encoding that has been passed down from generation to generation bred since the original batch was made during their Sectoid enslavement. There hasn't been a Korian birth in nearly 100 years.

Notable Korians Edit