The Galactic Empire is a distant militaristic totalitarian faction whose origins stem from the Moon-Eye system in quadrant X936 of the Expanse. Known to be a multi-species faction, encompassing a wide range of races, the Galactic Empire is long standing government and holds a chair in the United Intergalactic Commonwealth as it's pseudo military backbone.

History Edit

The origins of the Empire stem from the simplistic notion that might could be bred; that not only was it something inherited, but that even the weakest, under extreme tutelage, could find strength. Those inducted into the Empire did so after receiving bruises and beatings. Though not as space faring as many other factions, the initial seeds of the Empire were made in a very totalitarian way; propaganda and mass media bombardment. Moon-Eye 3 was the subject of the first Empire stand hold, a parliamentary leadership established in the beginning before that aforementioned totalitarizm took root to breed and train the perfect army. Eventually the ideology of the Empire took root across the entire scope of the Moon-Eye system. However, as mighty as the Empire had become, with fleets of warships and a might of a well organized multi-divisional army; they were too small to process an invasion against the United Intergalactic Commonwealth. However in their defeat, their military ideology and scope was not ignored and in 2573 was inducted into the United Intergalactic Commonwealth.

Notable Persons of Affiliations With The Empire Edit