The Dragontooth Class cruiser is a type of starship of Human design and was known to be one of the last class of vessels created before the Sol System was destroyed during the Borealis incident. A multipurpose boat designed by United Earth and primarily were manufactured RBC shipyard at Delta Aerospace, Mars with final outfitting being outsourced to a dozen smaller companies depending on the purposed intent of the vessel.

The commonality with the Dragontooth Class is the elongated shape of the body that allows modular based installments along many pockets of it's hull. The bridge space dips at the forward bow giving the entire ship a profile like a dragon's tooth. Generally in production of starships additional series are made to mark improvement over previous designs.

In the Expanse and even the uncharted Fringe, the Dragontooth Class is a relic to more appropriately advanced designs of modern vessels. Small by comparison though generally sought for with consideration to it's modular based upgrade systems and attachments.

Noteable Dragontooth Vessels Edit

The Neverend - Anson Lee Devil (Captain/Owner)