The Bayyosk (both singular and plural) are a humanoid species from the Bimoreon System, characterized by their large size, friendly demeanor and adherence to a religion based on Old Earth culture.

Physical Appearance Edit

Like most organic races encountered in the known galaxy, the Bayyosk follow a relatively common symmetrical, bipedal form. Vaguely lupine in their facial features, Bayyosk tend to follow a bestial mold as characterized by their long limbs, fur, and prehensile tail. Bayyosk fossil record indicates that the species evolved from a distant ancestor that seems to have several similarities to both Terran canids and primates.

Bayyosk tend to tower over most other species, averaging between two and three meters in height in adulthood. Their characteristic fur runs the spectrum from inky black to a bright red, with many Bayyosk dying elaborate symbols into their fur as cultural markers. With prehensile digits on both their upper and lower limbs, Bayyosk are equally capable of locomotion standing or swinging - a likely nod to their evolutionary heritage.

Culture Edit

Bayyosk culture is considered by most researchers to be irrevocably tainted by its contact with humans, though many note that the culture was highly adaptable even in its earliest stages. Bayyosk are not cultural chameleons, however - they mimic, but they are more likely to adapt new beliefs to their current system than to take them in wholesale.

The culture of Bimoreon tends to revolve around two things - family and The Holy Way. Bayyosk families are large, interconnected, and generally divided into a soft caste system. Bayyosk are typically non-monogamous, with children typically residing at the mother's clan home and frequent interactions with fathers as they age. Bayyosk clans are divided into a number of social castes that generally have no particular social standing over one another, though the priestly caste does tend to take the lead in most matters.

The Holy Way has evolved over the eons, but most scholars agree that its current form did not solidify until the Bayyosk began to receive signals from Earth. It is a common misconception among outsiders that the Bayyosk mistook those messages as being from gods or that they were holy in and of themselves. Instead, the Bayyosk found a particular source of wisdom in the new ideas - and over time, began to view all messages from Earth in a similar light.

Noteable Bayyosk Edit