The Bamut are a species well known in the core worlds and the uncharted. Being in the majority, Bamuts can be found all over in all forms of jobs and services.

History Edit

The Bamut are from the Baha system, a system comprised of four planets orbiting a single yellow giant star. They were not as capable of FTL travel as the other species, resorting instead to acquiring the technology through trade. They became quite overpopulated so they colonized the outlying systems of Coho and Barian.

Physical Attributes Edit

Bamut's are tall 3 meters on average. Their two arms are quite long, nearly dragging the floor as, in their primal ancestry, the Bamut species used all four to walk; having only turned upright recently. Some still prefer to walk using both feet and hands, but some, the more imbued into the society and culture have resolved themselves to stand tall. Bamut are amphibious, their elongated body and appendages suitable for swimming for distances or running quite fast. Their skin has some resiliency to extreme cold, but lack in handing heat.